“My shoulder pain started about 10 years ago after a long day of stripping wallpaper. I've had pain ever since and limited movement of my right shoulder. I went through various treatments like physiotherapy, painkillers and injections, which only helped temporarily before it returned. The NHS didn't know how to help me and referred me to see a neurologist as a last resort. In the meantime I researched other treatment options online and found Sophie. Since I've been seeing Sophie, my shoulder is much better and I have full movement back again which I haven’t had for over 10 years!! I am a Beauty Therapist and a mum of three so having a pain free and full range of shoulder movement back has changed my life enormously!! Thank you Sophie for being such a great Chiropractor.”


“Sophie is an excellent Chiropractor, she is warm friendly and very knowledgeable. She has put me back on my feet when the Dr’s said they couldn’t do anything for me. Would definitely recommend 100%.”


“Sophie is a very charming and friendly young woman who has done wonders for my shoulder and neck pain. She also successfully treats my husband to keep his sciatica at bay. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CHIROPRACTOR!”


“Sophie has really helped me and she really knows her stuff!! I highly recommend her! Thank you Sophie!”


“I am a hairdresser and always suffered from lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Seeing Sophie made such a big difference to my overall health. I thought I have to live with my aches and pains for the rest of my life but I was definitely wrong about that!!”